Mar 2019

There is a notable air of excitement in the village again, it could be the first signs of Spring or even England’s brilliant performance in the 6 Nations but it is more likely to be the forthcoming start of the bowling season.
The regular bowlers have been looking forward to this, throughout the winter, and it is interesting to see how they keep themselves fit during this time. Two people have gone to the southern hemisphere, for warm weather training. One, unfortunately, found the regime too tough and has come home early. Another member jogs around the village, every morning, doing his paper round, and yet another jogs for miles, daily, whilst exercising his two dogs. One extremely fit person can be seen running up Church Lane, most Sunday mornings, his intention being to arrive first at Church, so that he can take the collection. Later in the day he can be seen running to the Village Hall bar, both activities a throwback to his previous profession.
However they do it, the objective is the same, to be fit and ready to carry out whatever maintenance is required, on the bowling green, during March and then be ready to start bowling in early April.
We are most fortunate to have the bowling green, and plenty of spare bowls in the village, and it is a shame that so few people take advantage of it. I make this plea every year, if you are remotely interested in playing, please come along, 2pm Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, and towards the end of April, at 7pm on Wednesday evenings.
Mick Carson.