Ashford Carbonell Village Hall is awarded £60,000

‘Ashford Carbonell Village Hall is awarded £60,000 after their innovative services impress major UK funder’
‘The Garfield Weston Foundation more than doubles its £5m anniversary fund to over £11m to support over 150 charities across UK after overwhelming demand.’
The Village Hall Committee is delighted to be able to announce we have secured a Grant for £60,000 from the Weston Anniversary Fund to build an extension on the northern gable end of the Hall. This will provide a Meeting/Committee/Club room with views of and access to, our sports Field and the Bowling Green; improve the area surrounding the Memo-rial, now a listed Monument and paving out to the Bowling Green and around the extension.
In 2002 the Vital Villages Survey, which produced a 96% response, leading to 2002 Parish Plan, set out a programme of improvements to the Village Hall including the need for a separate Meeting/Club room.
The first major project for the Village Hall from the wishes expressed by parishioners in the survey, was the building of a service block extension to the Hall in 2008, leading to the 2015 refurbishment of the main hall and a permanent linking between the service block and main hall.
The building of the Meeting/Club Room will be the conclusion of work for the Village Hall from the Parish Plan. Planning Permission is Approved and Building regulations granted. Once the building is completed we will then refurbish the Car Park which badly needs doing and we have money saved in preparation for this.
It is worth noting that applications for this Weston Anniversary Fund approached £200 million pounds for a pot of £11 mil-lion pounds!
Jackie Brundrett Treasurer