3 Students and a Nissan Micra

Well, it was certainly not as gentle as 3 Men In A boat by Jerome K Jerome!
What an interesting and exciting time they had? So many adventures, so many highs and lows but all very entertainingly imparted by Robert to a packed audience in the Village Hall.
Maybe there was much more to tell but shhh! some things are best kept to oneself and not mentioned in front of the folks! It must have been a very life changing experience for the trio. It was particularly heartening to learn that one of the things they got out of the trip was to discover the good in others. The kind, generous nature of the people they met, no matter what their background and religion. Those with so little, who shared all they had, looked after them and gave so much. Something for us all to reflect on.
The arrangements in the Village Hall always involve so many people and thanks are due to Wendy for arranging and running the raffle, Chris for selling the tickets, Janie in the kitchen and Paul and David for running the bar. All in all from the sale of tickets, the raffle and donations, a sum of £ 861 was raised for Maggie’s Centre, a very worthy charity that looks to support those with cancer.
Well done Robert! Where to next?